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- What is a post-wedding shoot? 

- Why a post-wedding shoot might be right for you.

- How it affects the wedding day

- Destination & honeymoon photoshoots

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What is a post-wedding shoot?

A post-wedding shoot is an opportunity to get back into your wedding outfits, head to an epic location, and get some amazing shots away from the pressure and hustle of a wedding day. We would encourage anyone who wants to extend the dream, avoid post-wedding blues or simply wants the chance to get that dress on another time to consider a post-wedding shoot.

Why a post-wedding shoot might be right for you. 

So often we get 100s of photos from our wedding days and forget to document the other important occasions in our life until there are little pitter-patters and then all the photos tend to be of the kids! Some couples all-time favourite photos of the two of them are from the engagement or post-wedding shoot. This is because of the experience and memories that these shoots hold. It felt more like a date where they felt completely relaxed and totally themselves away from the pressures and stresses of a wedding day timeline.

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How does it affect my wedding day?

Doing a post-wedding shoot won’t stop us from doing just as many couple photos on your wedding day. It might help you to relax though knowing that the pressure is off and you can just enjoy this moment away from your guests together while you soak it all in. We often find that weddings run late but that the meal will always be on time. This means that something in the middle will have to crunch which often ends up being the couple portraits.

Also just something to note; you don't need to be booked in with us for your wedding to be able to come on one of our post-wedding shoots. Whether you've just got together or been married for 10 years - you are welcome to join us! 

Love to travel? 

We also offer destination post-wedding shoots abroad, whether it be on your honeymoon or a weekend getaway for your anniversary. You can choose your own destination location abroad (prices available upon request) or you can join us on one of our existing destination photoshoots on our travel dates list. 

2023 Travel Dates

March - California, US

July - Venice, Italy 

October - Amalfi, Italy 

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Styling considerations

Although we tend to keep the styling quite light for the post-wedding shoots, there are small ways you can incorporate details from your wedding day at no extra cost. You can dry out your bouquet and buttonhole, try out more simple hairstyles - maybe more loose & bohemian to go with the mountain or beach vibes. You could also bring along a blanket and some leftover decorations such as candles and fairy lights to set up a small styled area. 

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Why bother? 

To go to an epic location, take some epic photos to wow your guests and to make you feel… epic, that’s why!

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