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Feeling nostalgic.

Today I am redesigning the website and clearing out old photos and replacing them with more recent ones and I have to admit, I am SUCH a sentimental person and I get so attached to couples and their stories that taking their photos off the website honestly feels so hard to do! It sounds silly but when I make such a connection with certain couples I feel like I need them on my website because it's like looking through a photo album and reminiscing about it. I have such a strong connection that yes, although I was the photographer, it brings back good memories for me too. I know I know - overly sentimental perhaps? But that's me!

So today, I bring you a blog post of anything and everything. A crazy assortment of photos from over the years. Some from my first ever weddings that perhaps don't fully fit my style now but I felt needed a place here all the same. If for no one else but me, I love to look back on and see the journey of my couples but also of my photography journey too.

So here you are, love or hate them. These are my wedding memories!

And while I am here, let's also get some old engagement sessions on here too!


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