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Hidden Places | Gildings Barns

This one is going to make you wish it was summer again! At Charity & Andrew’s engagement shoot we were lucky enough to use a really unique and quirky wedding venue owned by Charity’s family called Gildings Barns. It is located in the Surrey Hills which is well known for being an area of outstanding natural beauty and absolutely lives up to its title.

The shoot was early Sunday morning in the middle of summer just as the sun was coming out and the dew was still fresh on the grass. We were completely spoilt for choice with so many amazing photo locations both indoors and out. The barns are surrounded by fields and trees and if you hunt a little further you will find a secret woodland with a small log cabin overlooking a lake. When we found it, I literally squealed with excitement as we love finding quirky places to shoot so that our couples are always getting something unique for their photos that no one else has.

If that wasn’t exciting enough… Charity and Andrew bought their gorgeous puppy Lily along to the shoot who was only 12 weeks old. The kind of cute that makes you crinkle up your face and put your hand on your heart because you’re just so in love with this tiny little creature running towards you!

These guys just had so much style and right from the start of the shoot they automatically put themselves in the sweetest poses and as Charity had done some modelling in the past I couldn’t help but to get a couple of photos of her on her own! Isn’t she just stunning?! Andrew was alright too ;)

We then tested their bravery & trust in us by getting them lie down on the grass that had now dried while Dave put me on his shoulders and leant forward so I could get a photo directly above them. I’m not sure who was more scared – us or them!

We then let Dave loose with some off camera flash while Charity and Andrew practised their first dance in the middle of the main barn with the lights down low – it was pretty magical to be honest.

If you are newly engaged and looking for a great venue – then I can’t recommend Gildings Barns enough. Whenever we get weddings there we are so excited to create something new and different.


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