Micro-Wedding Guide

Micro-weddings are their own kind of magic. As you may have seen over the past year, micro-weddings have become increasingly popular not just out of necessity resulting from the 2020 pandemic but because the taboo has been broken and couples have proved that small doesn’t mean less. Instead, micro-weddings offer couples the freedom to pick and choose their favourite elements from a traditional wedding and combine them with all the things they love all whilst surrounded by the people they love and cherish the most in the world.

What is a micro-wedding?

Micro-weddings have always been around however it wasn’t until 2020 where the term ‘micro wedding really started to be more widely used as a result of the pandemic restrictions on weddings. In the past, it would be used to describe a wedding of under 20 guests, smaller in size, more relaxed, and often a shorter day than a traditional wedding. However, since the pandemic in 2020, micro-weddings are more often used to describe a wedding of 30 or less guests and can very much follow the structure and timings of a traditional wedding.

Things I love about Micro-Weddings

Full of love

They are focused on the couple and their love for each other rather than getting caught in the comparison game. It eradicates that feeling of competition and instead draws the focus of the day on the couple themselves and the reason why they are getting married in the first place, now how the canapes tasted or if the centrepieces were perfectly straight.


One of the huge overriding things couples have said after their micro-weddings is that they loved being able to have a proper conversation with every single one of their guests and actually be able to enjoy each other’s company rather than feeling like they have to get round the room as quickly as possible to say a quick ‘hi’ to everyone.

Larger weddings are incredible in their own way but they can feel a little overwhelming and sometimes you can walk away feeling like you said ‘hi’ to everyone but didn’t actually really speak to anyone. That’s how I felt on my wedding day but we got caught up in the wedding buzz and the guest list did too!

This is by no means intended to knock those people who are having larger weddings. As a photographer, I personally love big and small weddings equally and it’s so nice to get a mix of the two. I really hope this blog doesn’t cause you to question your wedding type in any way, the ‘perfect number of people’ will be so different from couple to couple. I just hope there are couples like my husband and me who read this and it opens up an honest dialogue as to what they actually want from their wedding day. For us personally, we would now consider a more intimate day, but that totally doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. I’m also very aware that it’s really easy for me to say after I had my big white wedding!