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by The Light Painters

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A wedding album is an heirloom showcasing the love of two people. It’s something tangible that will be passed down the generations to your children and even your grandchildren. It is an investment that has the power to transport you back to a moment and all the emotions and joy you felt on your wedding day. 


We offer bespoke luxury albums that are completely handmade with the finest quality materials. You can choose from an array of cover options from linen or real or faux leather in a variety of different colours. Our modern, lay-flat albums are printed with a lustre finish on the pages and to give your album a personal touch your names and/or wedding date will be embossed or printed on the front cover. 

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The Simple Process

An easy & simple process to take away the stress and hours it takes to design and create your own album. I remember the first album I ever designed for one of my couples and I kid you not when I say it took me days to get it to a point that I was happy with. Having beautiful photos in one thing but a strong design that helps to navigate the viewer through your day in a story-telling way is something completely different. Roll on four years to where I am now and I absolutely love designing albums and giving your photos the space and layout they deserve for you to flick through again and again and pass down the generations. 


Once you have ordered your album with us, we will invite you to start making your photo selections via your online viewing gallery. Simply tap the heart button to add the photos to your favourites which will automatically create a folder for you. You can always go back to this folder and refine your selection later if you find you have been too click happy. 


​All of our album packages come with a minimum of 18 spreads per album (spreads being double pages which equates to 36 pages in total if you were unsure what this meant). We would recommend selecting between 75-80 photos for a 18 page spread to allow your photos room to breathe and stand out on the pages and have the power to speak for themselves without feeling cluttered. 


We will then review your selection and lovingly craft you a bespoke custom design for each and every one of your pages. We focus our attention on displaying your photographs in a story-telling format in sequential order to help your images to feel alive and bring you straight back to that moment & all the emotions attached with it. It’s our mission to design your album in a way that anyone could pick it up and feel like they have a key-hole view into your wedding day. I know i personally can not wait to show our kids and even our grandchildren one day & be able to share the best day of our lives with them and all the emotion and love that went with it. 


Once we have carefully designed your album, we will send it across to you to proof check before we send it off to be hand crafted & printed by the very best album suppliers we have ever found (and trust me we have done many hours of research & meeting different suppliers). The company we use are exclusive for photographers and are based locally in the UK and put so much love and attention into every single album they produce. 


Your album will arrive at your house in a kraft presentation box and gift-wrapped ready for you to open and relive your special memories and treasure it in your home on those rainy days when you need your home to be filled with joy and love.

Albums - The process

Prices & Packages

Albums - Prices and Packages

10" ALBUM - £600 



10x10 inch album

18 spreads (36 pages)

Bespoke album design

Names printed or embossed onto cover

Kraft presentation box

Posted to your home



12" ALBUM - £700 



12x12 inch album

20 spreads (40 pages)

Bespoke album design

Names printed or embossed onto cover

Kraft presentation box

Posted to your home


Albums - The Light Painters photography

12" ALBUM PACKAGE - £1200 



12x12 inch album

Two 8x8 inch duplicate albums (perfect as gifts)

20 spreads (40 pages)

Bespoke album design

Names printed or embossed onto cover

Kraft presentation box

Posted to your home




Albums - The Light Painters photography
Albums - The Options


Cover Materials & Colours

Leather (+£50) | Timeless, durable and authentic

Faux Leather | Animal friendly, textured and easy care

Linen | Modern, soft touch and delicate

Front Cover Text

Having wording featured on the front of your album is a great way to personalise your album. Think carefully about the wording that you would like featured on your album. You can have up to 2 lines of text with up to 20 characters per line.

Linen - White, gold & silver embossing

Leather - Clear, white, gold, silver

Faux Leather - Clear, gold, silver


Memory Books


This is a simple and cost-effective Memory Book designed for engagements, family and new-born sessions. It doesn't have the same amount of customisation as our range of albums however it's still a beautiful way to treasure your memories.

We'd also recommend using the book at your wedding day as guests usually love to get a closer look at what we got up to on your engagement shoot!

Our Memory Books have a lay-flat photo book construction and are encased in a soft-touch 'flores fabric'. The front of your Memory Book can be embossed with a selection of pre-defined words and symbols:

Prices & Extras

​20x20cm Memory Book (10 spreads) - £175 

Additional Spreads - £12.00/spread


Price includes

  • 20x20cm Memory Book

  • First 10 spreads (max 60 spreads/120 pages )

  • Silk Paper printed on a digital press

  • Lay-flat pages

  • Plain cover in Flores Fabric

  • Watercolor paper style end-papers

  • Optional embossing in gold

    Cover Options

Blue Poppy.JPG
Black Olive.JPG





Black Olive

Blue Poppy





Memory Book



Albums - FAQ

Should I get a wedding album? 

The simple answer to that is yes. The purpose of photos is to be printed and not to live behind a screen that gets flicked through every now and again. There’s something about printing photos that brings them to life, it’s a way to view them, to interact with them and to feel an emotional connection with them. Ink on paper is how they were always intended to be seen. 


An album creates an heirloom showcasing the love of two people. It’s something tangible that will be passed down the generations to your children and even your grandchildren. It is an investment that has the power to transport you back to a moment and all the emotions and joy you felt on your wedding day. 

Can I put an album on my wedding gift list?

Absolutely! In fact I would encourage you to put an album as an option on your wedding gift list. It’s a nice way for your guests to feel like the are contributing towards something they know you will keep and treasure forever. There are a couple of different ways we can do this depending on what supplier you use for your gift list so if you are considering doing this - please drop me a message. We do also provide gift vouchers for your guests to purchase directly from us whether someone wants to purchase the whole album or just contribute. 


Stuck for present ideas for your parents? 

Our parents come from a generation where prints and albums were a huge part of their life growing up. That excitement of waiting to have a film developed and arrive in the post. Albums are the perfect way to thank your parents for everything they have done & will be something that will make them beam with joy when they have friends that they can show it off to. We offer smaller duplicate albums which are 8x8 inch in size come gift-wrapped. Generally couples opt to present thank you presents to their parents during the speeches so if this was something you had in mind then we could send you a gift voucher which you can present to them on the day. 

Do I need to pre-order an album before my wedding? 

No not at all, it’s completely up to you once you order one. Most couples tend to pre-order their albums just so it’s one less thing to think about after the wedding and it arrives just in time to help take away the post-wedding blues (yep they are a real thing!) whereas other couples choose to wait until their first wedding anniversary (which is handily paper!) to treat themselves to an album. The only thing I will mention is that our turnaround time for albums will be based on our workload, if you pre-order an album then it’s something we take into account when planning our schedules so our turnaround time will naturally be quicker.

So why shouldn't I take the £30 special offer for a glossy photobook? 

When Dave & I got married, I honestly didn’t see the value in ordering a bespoke album and we ordered a cheaper album & were super disappointed by the colours and quality. The colours weren’t accurate & the photos lost definition and sharpness. No matter how much you spent on your wedding photography, placing the photos in a cheap album is never going to do your wedding justice.

We definitely learnt the hard way but I am so glad we did as it made me know exactly what to look for when meeting album suppliers when we started our business. Hours and hours have been spent researching and meeting different suppliers to find a product that we are excited by, that offers the best quality for our couples. We are passionate about sourcing locally and supporting small businesses.

What's the difference between a Bespoke Album & Memory Book? 

Quite a lot actually! Our Bespoke albums are completely customisable to exactly to your taste. They are lovingly hand-made with the best quality materials, papers and inks and designed as an heirloom to last a lifetime. It is a luxury album available in leather, linen or faux-leather in a range of colours (other materials available upon request). It will arrive beautifully gift-wrapped and presented in a box for safekeeping. The album is available in a range of sizes and mini-duplicates are also available to give as gifts to loved ones. Our Memory Books, on the other hand, are a simple and cost-effective product designed for engagements, family and newborn sessions for those that want something with less customisation that is simple yet beautiful to remember those precious moments.  The Memory Book comes in one cover material option made of Flores fabric (a similar feel to velvet), one size (8x8") and has limited embossing options for the front cover. 

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