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Barn Wedding Full of Surprises | Gildings Barns

This wedding was nothing short of beautiful. Charity and Andrew got married in one of my all-time favourite venues in the heart of the Surrey Hills. Gildings Barns is one of those places that you could literally do absolutely nothing to and it still look amazing but equally you can really personalise it and make it unique to your wedding which is exactly what Charity and Andrew did. They had fairy lights strung around every wooden beam in sight and gorgeous flowers spread all around.

Charity's awesome bridesmaids organised little surprises throughout the day including a Flash Mob dance to Bruno Mars ' Uptown Funk'. The expressions on Charity and Andrew's faces was definitely worth all the organising, the hours spent practising and teaching all the guests the dance routine.

The next surprise involved us sneaking off with the bridesmaids to the log cabin hidden in the Gildings Barns woodland where the bridesmaids had surrounded the outside with fairy lights and lit a pathway of fire torches from the venue through to the woodlands for their honeymoon retreat. After dancing the entire night away Charity and Andrew were sent off into the woodland with a sparkler exit. The perfect end to the perfect day.


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