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Fun & Quirky Brighton Wedding | The Old Market

There is something pretty special about getting married in Brighton. Growing up not far from Brighton it’s always been a pretty special place – every time it was sunny, we went to Brighton and every time it rained – we went to London. They were our two go to places especially when me & Dave first started dating.

Admittedly in the past couple of years we’ve barely visited Brighton and I’d forgotten how much of a magical place it can be. The hot-donuts on pier, ice-cream on the beach and candyfloss at the funfair – Brighton has a lot to offer. Although I didn’t eat hot-donuts, ice-cream or candyfloss on this visit, I did fall in love with the place again.

Gabi had decided to walk to the Church from her parents’ house in the morning and wow did Brighton give her a welcome. She was honked at, cheered at and congratulated the entire way there – she even had someone waiting in the park for her to walk past so she could paint a picture of it. And a group of lads opened their minibus door while sat in traffic to start singing to her – we still have no clue what they were singing but we appreciated it all the same!

After the Church service, we headed to the beach – finding countless groups of people out on their hen & stag doos and even other people on their wedding day. The whole of Brighton just had such a buzz to it! Everyone congratulating everyone else and getting excited for each other.

We then took some very sensible and traditional group photos which you can see in the blog below – no fun ones at all… Ok I’m kidding, it was the complete opposite which meant we almost forgot to take some sensible ones – the weather was really wild & windy so we took some photos to fit exactly that!

We then walked up to The Old Market where the guests were waiting to throw confetti on the new couple before heading into the meal and later being entertained by some of Gabi & Tom’s very talented friends including the Jersey Boys that are currently touring the UK. I literally could not help but sing along and secretly wanted to stay all night to watch them – absolute insane talent!


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