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Everything you need to know about SMOKE BOMBS

Summer 2021 and weddings are finally back!! And this year it seems like couples are not holding back!! From speaking with my couples, I am predicting that this is the year that we are going to see couples pulling out all of the stops; smoke bombs, colourful confetti, bubbles, sparklers, champagne pops or maybe even all of the above mashed together for an incredible colourful celebration of love!

The questions I seem to be getting the most recently is all about smoke bombs so below I am going to answer all the questions I've been getting - if at the end of reading this you have more questions then feel free to ask away and I'll gradually keep adding them below for you all!

Where should I buy them?

The best place to buy smoke bombs is Enola Gaye - the wire-pull smoke grenades (make sure you don't get the ones that are double-ended!). The main thing you need to look out for is that they burn cool rather than hot. Most smoke bombs burn hot and trust me... they get dangerously hot!

What colours work best?

Generally, I'd advise getting whichever colours you like best or ones that work with your wedding colour scheme. The only colour we've found that doesn't work very well in this country is green as it tends to blend in with the grass and trees! White is great if you want to create a 'foggy' mysterious atmosphere in woodland for your couple shoot but if you are just wanting an explosion of colour for the group shots then I'd probably steer more towards the bright pinks, purples, blues and oranges.

How many should I get?

This will completely depend on what you are hoping to achieve with the smoke bombs but always get more than you think you will need as they sometimes don't always go off or the wire-ring breaks. If we have some leftover then I'm sure later in the day we can find something creative to do with the spare ones!

If you are thinking of using them for your bridal party photos, get enough for one each plus a few spares. And if you are thinking of just using them for your couple photos then I'd recommend around 5-6 so we can do a couple of varieties with them and also set off a few at a time to create an explosion of colour!

When should I buy them?

The delivery time on smoke bombs is often quite long as well as certain colours tend to go out of stock periodically so I would recommend getting them a few months before your wedding just to ensure they arrive in time.

Will it stain my wedding dress?

I would love to be able to put your mind at ease and say there is no way that it will stain your dress HOWEVER it does happen and it is a possibility. We've never had it happen to any of our couples but we have heard stories from other photographers who've seen it happen. If you are worried about this I would 100% recommend reading some blogs that go into more detail about this as it can happen. My recommendation to reduce the risk is going for a trusted brand of smoke bombs, not opening the smoke grenade next to the dress and keeping moving so that you are always in front of the smoke. The stories of dresses getting stained that I've heard of have always been when opening the smoke grenade so holding it an arm's distance away from the dress or even better getting someone else to open it for you should definitely help with this. Also, avoid double-ended smoke bombs at all costs!

Any other advice?

Smoke bombs are amazing and look incredible in your wedding photos however please bear in mind that they are essentially intended for things like paint-balling and can get very hot so I would recommend using them while your bridal party is still sober and read the safety precautions on the back of the pack prior to your wedding day!


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