Winter Weddings | Our guide to planning your winter wedding

Planning your winter wedding

There are so many advantages to having winter weddings and getting married ‘out of season’ however there are also some key things to consider when planning your winter wedding.

1. Choosing your venue

2. Timings for the day

3. Consider a first look

4. Your Wedding attire

5. Make the most of evening light

Choosing your venue

The main three things to consider when selecting your venue is; indoor space, rainy day plans and different lighting scenarios.

Choose a venue with great indoor space that you completely fall in love with. If it also has an awesome outdoor area then that’s awesome but it’s always worth being prepared for the entire day to be inside in case there is bad weather (we will try to get outdoors wherever possible but in terms of planning – have a backup plan!).

Try to visit your venue at the time of year you are getting married. It sounds obvious but venues can look very different depending on time of year. Really thinking through what draws you to that specific venue and is that going to still be the case at the time of year you are getting married.

Prepare for bad weather. Another reason why selecting the right venue is key for winter weddings is in case the weather is bad and we need to do your portraits inside. Thinking about open space, good lighting & a beautiful backdrop for your couple and group formals. This is something we can definitely help with & make suggestions however it’s worth considering when you are exploring venues. Also thinking through where your guests will be at the time of the portraits – is there a big open bar area but the reality is that’s going to be crowded with your guests at that time of day etc. A location close by but in a separate room for the group formals would be the best option for indoor portraits if outdoors isn’t possible.

As we will only have limited natural daylight on the day, I would recommend embracing this and find a venue with an element of romance – think fairy lights, loads of candles to create an ambient and cosy atmosphere. If your venue is primarily a summer venue and doesn’t cater for this then you can always hire in lighting technicians to help add that romantic vibe.

Timings for the day

If possible, try to book an early ceremony. Again, to do with the lighting in winter!! (You will see