Nothing Will Stop Us - Covid 19

Nothing Will Stop Us

Please note when reading this blog that we are not suggesting ever breaking the government advice on best practice around Corona Virus.

With all of the goings on recently (and are you are reading this in the future I am of course referring to the Covid 19 crisis) we are doing our best here to see the positives in this strange time. We’re not pretending that it’s easy, especially for all of our couples who have had to postpone or are unsure of the future for their 2020 wedding. Instead we wanted to share some ideas on alternatives that you can do to celebrate your wedding even if it’s spent in isolation.

The most important thing is to start with an open and creative mind-set to see the potential of your would be/could be wedding date. If you are thinking about rescheduling to a completely new date, your first port of call would be to speak to your venue to discuss your options. Try to get a list of as many potential new dates that your venue will give to you and message round your key suppliers. Bear in mind that some suppliers can do more than one wedding per day or might have a team behind them, whereas others will only be able to do one per day such as your band or photographers.

To make this easier for you, you could set up a poll on Doodle and get your suppliers to vote for all of the dates they have available. Again something to keep in mind is that your suppliers availability will be changing rapidly from one day to the next and your venue will be pushing you for a quick decision.

This now leaves a few options for you to consider:

  1. Reschedule everything to a brand new date

  2. Have an intimate ceremony on your original date (if legal to do so)

  3. Run away and elope!

How to celebrate your original date in lockdown

If you are rescheduling everything to a brand new date, here are a few ways that you can still celebrate your original date whilst in isolation.

Set up a romantic date from home, this could be a candle lit dinner, a picnic in your lounge or a fire-pit in your garden toasting marshmallows. Take a few selfies and tag us with what you ended up doing!

Write your own personalised vows to each other to read as part if your ceremony on your new wedding date. Thinking about why you are getting married, your love and your promises to each other that can never be broken. Alternatively, you could sit down together and write the other person a letter to open on the morning of your new long awaited wedding day. If you are having a video, this will add a really personal & sentimental touch to tell your story.

If writing isn’t your thing, think about creating something that is meaningful to the other person for them to open on your new wedding date that signifies how you feel about each other. You could also create a mood-board to get excited about all of the positives of getting married at a different time of year and season. This could include elements like the warm tones of autumn or the cosy vibes of winter.

Write down a list of all the