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Snowdonia Adventure | Wales

When someone says the word adventure my eyes always light up. It’s like it’s in mine and Dave’s DNA. We feel so alive when we are outside and LOVE it when we can mix our two loves of adventure and photography.  So when Lucy and Graham asked if we wanted to do a shoot swap in Snowdonia, no simply wasn't an option!

Snowdonia is literally one of the most beautiful places and Lucy and Graham were so much fun to go explore it with.  We arrived at our first shoot location and it absolutely poured down with rain, I was so impressed that these two were still super up for getting photos no matter the weather!  We were soaked within minutes and ended up driving over to Aberfalls which I guess is your typical tourist attraction when you visit Snowdonia and want to go on a mini adventure.

Lucy and Graham were the kind of couple that just feel so right for each other that you assume they’ve been together for years. They were so natural in front of the camera and just super loved up! It was one of those days where we didn’t stop talking and lost all concept of time. We talked all things photography, adventure, goals, van-life and so much more!

We were heading back to Bewts-y-coed to get food, when all four of us spotted the clouds floating across the forest over the other side of a mountain lake and we just had to stop. This time we made the decision that no matter how much it poured and how blue our fingers got from the cold that it was so worth stopping to take photos before it got dark.

This is the second time we have met Lucy, the second time it's tipped it down with rain on us and the second time we have frozen toes in the name of photography but we still can’t wait to hang out with her and Graham so much more this year. Next stop – The Three Yorkshire Peaks Challenge! 


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